belif UV Protector Aqua Balm Sun Serum Review

belif UV Protector Aqua Balm Sun Serum Review

A quotation fromย Rosรฉ K-Shop Naver blog.

belif UV Protector Aqua Balm Sun Serum, hereafter called belif Aqua Balm Sun Serum.

So, did you change your mind after using it?

Let's find out.

The features of belif Aqua Balm Sun Serum promoted by the official website are as follows.

It is said to be a comfortable sun serum that is full of moisture, moist and light, and can be used every day.

It is also a 3-type functional cosmetic for whitening/wrinkle improvement/UV protection.

As you can see in the picture, it is a serum, so it does not have coverage, but it is advertised as moisturizing and refreshing.

It's been almost a month since I've been with this product.

Therefore, this article is also a month-long review of the belif sun serum.

Now to conclude, I love and recommend the belif Aqua Balm Sun Serum!

And I'll explain in detail why.

If the person reading this article knows the price of Aqua Balm Sun Serum and is willing to buy it,

You can even tell them to order in advance and read them.

As for the downside, it is not absorbed quickly.

And I thought it would be thin and soft,

It is soft at first, but the more you rub it against the skin, the more brittle it becomes.

But the most important thing is the condition over time,

Whether you put on makeup or not, it doesn't feel greasy and feels light over time.

Light feeling is a very important issue, especially for oily skin + sweaty like me.

If you have oily skin, if you apply sunscreen or whatever creamy cosmetics thickly, your skin will feel stuffy and you will not be able to breathe. The edges of the face may itch.

And the more a sweaty person aims to block UV rays in summer, and the thicker they apply sunscreen, the more they suffer from slippery skin that melts in the scorching sun outdoors.

However, this product, no matter how thickly applied, is light!

There is no cloudiness, and it is very light compared to what it has to say.

It is not absorbed quickly, but it feels like it is not applied over time. Because the skin is getting softer as time goes on.

I even applied aqua balm sun serum to the back of my left hand to test it in various ways and washed my hands after going out.

Surprisingly, only the back of my left hand was moist. with bare hands

I didn't read the product description properly at first, but then I looked it up and found out.

I brought the DNA of belif moisture bomb cream as it is. I have personally experienced that this statement is never false.

The shine right after applying Aqua Balm Sun Serum is about the same as the picture on the right.

However, as I have emphasized repeatedly, it becomes softer as time passes.

Even the sunscreen effect of the serum is better than other brands of sunscreen I have used.

As far as I know, these days, I am applying vitamin C ampoule to improve blemishes and blemishes.

Those of you who have used vitamin C ampoule will know that if you walk around without applying enough sunscreen when you go out, your face will sting later.

Even though I went around wearing sunscreen on my own, it still stings frequently.

But when I use Aqua Balm Sun Serum,

Even if you lightly apply just the right amount, your skin doesn't feel irritated or stingy at all after going out...!

Isn't that surprising?

It has a much lighter feel than sunscreen, and even though it applies mildly and moistly, it blocks UV rays better.

So these days, I rarely use sunscreen and only use this product.

(I use a bit of sunscreen because it's a waste of leftovers...)

Since I am an office worker who works from home, I go out a lot a week, about 3 days at most.

I don't know how long the belif Aqua Balm Sun Serum 50ml can last for daily use.

Anyway, you should definitely buy it. Unconditional!

Even if I want to recommend a cheaper and better product than this product, I can't think of anything else.

So , this was the praise post for belif UV protector aqua balm sun serum so far!

thank you

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