Pringles Mini Sour Cream Korea Review

Pringles Mini Sour Cream Korea Review

A quotation fromย Rosรฉ K-Shop Naver blog.

If you could choose one of your favorite potato chips, what would you choose?

Race and Pringles are tight, but I choose Pringles.

Once you open the lid, you can't stop, so it's quite a dangerous snack.

So, the regular bottle is burdensome, but following the small size bottle, this time, a mini size with an envelope was released.

It is said that the part that Pringles is very concerned about is packaging the canisters after eating so that they can be recycled. When I separate recyclables at home, I really struggle with this Pringles bucket. It's not metal, it's not paper, it's not separating well...

It is this mini that solves this part at once.

4 bags of Pringles!!! No, 16 envelopes! 4x4 is 16 because each pack contains 4 of them.

The size is really mini mini. It is about half the size of regular Pringles.

The taste is the same, but it is good to eat as it goes in one bite.

For those who care about the environment, how about this mini version of Pringles! It is especially recommended for people who are stressed about separate collection!

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