Review of 221002 Yeongdong-daero K-Pop Concert Woodangtangtang

Review of 221002 Yeongdong-daero K-Pop Concert Woodangtangtang

A quotation from Rosé K-Shop Naver blog.

Location: Yeongdong-daero

The entire road in front of COEX was turned into a stage and seats.

We were in area s and right in front of the main stage

The seats are really good, I'm impressed 🥺

No, but it's raining, but I don't bring a raincoat lol

No, why don't you give me a raincoat and a mask?

Before starting, I tried to find a raincoat for thirty thousand miles, but failed.

If you don't fold your umbrella, you won't be able to enter, so I'm standing in front of you.

I met an acquaintance by chance (!)

I was able to receive a raincoat, thank you very much,,,

and get in

The field of view is not zoomed from the back of the s zone and

It's raining really ;;

If you zoom, it's like this~

We grab the fence right in front of the protrusion

I'm trying to grab a fence here

I was worried because Yeongdong rarely did a protruding stage last time.

This time it was just half and half, so it was very good

The MC has been my favorite Tiffany since my debut ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

and currently

The first stage is Weeekly

It rains a lot, but the children are suffering,

I saw it for the first time today, it's so pretty and helpful



Next is highlight oppa

When I was in BEAST, I played at the studio of my oppas.

Highlight protruding entry

Oppas, it's a fictional offense

Dongwoon's fan service is very good ㅇㅇ And he looks good

Next is Chungha

Chungha protruding entrance

I really like the Killing Me song ㅠ

And The Boyz, actually come to see them

Close your eyes for a second

It was a sight



The kids are very helpful 🥺🥺

The Boyz Maverick

I screamed and Seonwoo greeted me, but why are you trembling?

No, the funny thing is, there were a lot of muggles in the S area.

I keep screaming while calling the children's names, so I call them together

It's so funny I almost made it really hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Suddenly fireworks, so pretty

last psy

​psy came and suddenly it was a drenched show. It rained a lot.

Very passionate, fun, fun


Energy is crazy.

Ha, it was harder and more fun than I thought.

It's a big deal to know the taste of standing.

Anyway, I'll say it again, it's revived like a K-pop crazy~

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